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Freezing and storing food

We can freeze goods to -18°C and store goods in the range of temperatures between +15°C to -26°C. We have about 1,000 sq. m. of freezing areas, which provides a very high daily freezing capacity. We have a number of freezers, which allows us to freeze several categories of goods at once in separate rooms. Further, we have a high daily loading capacity. The process of freezing and storing is monitored 24h a day. Each and every client can at any time check the status of their goods.

Renting warehouse areas

Morspol can rent several dozen warehouse rooms with an area from 15 sq. m. to 1.500 sq. m. and a temperature range between +15°C and -26°C. In addition to warehouse rental, our clients can rent office and social areas necessary for their business. There is access to rented areas 24h a day. Our wide array of warehouses allows clients to choose the rooms which their needs.

Office space rental

Morspol also rents office space. We adjust the area and layout to the client’s needs. We have offices in several buildings with various standards. You can rent rooms with or without AC units. All utilities are included in the rental price.