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on the premises of Warsaw?

Chłodnie Warszawskie Morspol S.A.
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We specialize in renting warehouse space for storing food products as well as freezing and cooling food products. We have one of the largest cooling areas in the country. We have an excellent location in the capital city of Warsaw. The company’s employees have high qualifications and many years of experience in the refrigeration industry, which makes it a reliable partner for customers.

Many companies have trusted us, our area is also the seat of many entities. Our warehouses are safe, modern and functional. The storage and freezing process is monitored 24 hours a day. Installed safety systems minimize the risk of any failure. We meet all sanitary and veterinary requirements for the storage of food products. We have extensive export rights, implemented HACCP and ISO 9001: 2015.

The company is located 300 meters from the exit from the express ring road of Warsaw and the S8 route in the northern part of the city, and only a 10-minute drive from the city centre and the Old Town. On the company’s premises there are two warehouse buildings with 25,000 pallet places and several office buildings. We have a veterinary identification number PL 14651101 WE. We have a veterinarian appointed by the Poviat Veterinary Inspectorate authorized to issue export certificates.


  • Perfect location, 300m from S8, 7km from the centre of Warsaw
  • No additional fees - all costs in the rent or the price of the service
  • Flexible terms of changing the leased space
  • Constant temperature monitoring in warehouses
  • Very large area of loading ramps
  • Product safety
  • HACCP, ISO, export rights to dozens of countries
  • Constant supervision of sanitary and veterinary inspection
  • The company’s premises are under physical protection and video surveillance

On the market for 20 years

Product safety

Perfect location