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Chłodnie Warszawskie Morspol S.A is a good solution for your business:

Storage, cooling and freezing of goods

Our company as one of the biggest companies of this industry in Poland, has full functionality in the field of refrigerated and frozen food storage, the offer also includes storage and freezing services. In terms of the possibility of freezing goods, we have one of the highest efficienty in the country (in Poland)

Warehouses from 5 m² to 1500 m² available 24 h / day

Morspol S.A. invites companies to cooperate regardless of the scale of their business. The minimum warehouse space available for lease is 5 m², it is an area suitable for restaurants and start-up companies that care about costs. For medium-sized companies, we offer boxes in cooling chambers with area from several to several hundred square meters. We also have warehouses with an area of over 1000 m², including the largest one with an area of 1500 m², with high storage racks for 3 storage levels, allowing for handling large volumes of trade.

Controlled temperatures from -26°C to +20°C

We have constant electronic temperature control at the level of each refrigerating chamber, the cooling infrastructure used in our cold store allows us to adjust the temperatures in the warehouse to customer expectations with tolerance +/-2°C. Constant temperature monitoring, high-quality devices qualified personal guarantee the quality and safety of the storage goods. Each customer can control cooling parameters – on request, we provide reports from the telemetry system with a list of temperatures in a given period of time.

Rent from 1 month

The shortest possible period of renting a refrigerated warehouse in our company is one month, such a short period allows for great flexibility in the selection of warehouse space that is necessary for running business. We know that laws of the market force us to constantly adjust our offers taking into consideration seasonality and current economic situation, that is why we adopt to the expectations of our clients. Operating for years in the food industry, we understand our customers´ needs and try to respond to them.

Warehouses dry, refrigerated and freezing

Observing our customers, we see that the warehouse needs results directly from the changeability of the market environment and the need to adopt the product range to the current needs of consumers, that is why we offer in one place warehouse space of all types, with a full range temperatures, as well as storage space without temperatures requirements.

Our warehouses are modern and safe, all refrigerated storage rooms are equipped with 24/7 electronic temperature monitoring and analog thermometers for double verification. Installed safety system minimize the risk of failure.

The entrance to each warehouse, all handling corridors and transshipment docks, as well as the entire company premises are under constant video monitoring, which ensures the safety of goods turnover. In addition, the firm is covered by 24-hour security.

Low and high storage, with or without shelves

We have two large cold stores, a multi-storey cold store in which the warehouses are of a low store, approx. 3 m high, and a one-storey cold store in which we have high store warehouses, 8.5m high with pallet racks with a lifting capacity of up to 1t per pallet and the possibility of storing goods on 3 levels.
In total, we have several dozen cooling rooms, and social and office rooms necessary to ensure efficient logistics services are adjacent to the warehouses.

Loading ramps, storage yard

We have a very large area of loading ramps, equipped with lockable gates and hydraulic docks, allowing for servicing both small vans and all kinds of trucks.
Our infrastructure provides the possibility of unloading, loading and reloading of any quantity of goods, from various levels, at any time, for all types of vehicles.

Container handling, manual and pallet handling

We provide comprehensive storage, loading and reloading services for exporters and importers.
This applies to both pallet and manual loading of export containers, along with the preparation of photo documentation of the loading of the container and temperature control of the goods.

Picking, repacking, additional labelling

For companies using our warehouse services, our employees can also provide services in the field of picking, repacking and additional labelling of goods in thermal conditions that are safe for the goods.

Foreign shipments and issuing export certificates

In our company, there is a doctor appointed by the PIW authorized to issue export certificates, a full list of export directions can be found HERE…. This makes our cold store one of the best partners in the country for export companies in the field of exporting chilled or frozen food also outside the European Union, for which special authorizations are required.

Office and social space

On the company’s premises, in addition to cold storage buildings, there are three office buildings offering rental space of various standards, from class A with individually controlled air conditioning, to class B as a more budget solution.
As a result, for many companies we are the only place to do business where we can rent dry warehouses, warehouses with positive temperature controlled – refrigerated, warehouses with negative temperature – freezers, as well as offices.

Parking spaces

On the premises of Chłodnie Warszawskie Morspol S.A. there are two parking lots. The first one is for passenger cars, allowing entry on the basis of magnetic access cards, the other one is for trucks, allowing entry through a security station on the basic of a permanent pass. Truck packing spaces are equipped with electricity connection.

Why is it worth choosing our cold store:

Perfect location, 300m from S8, 7km from the centre of Warsaw

We are the only facility of this type in the capital city of Warsaw, the location of our cold store is an advantage if you need to quickly deliver goods within the city, whether it is catering for individual customers, whether it is supplies to restaurants, hotels, or goods to stores. The cold store is located right next to the S8 expressway, with convenient access to almost all districts of Warsaw, we know how important the delivery time is today.

No additional fees – all funds in the rent or the price of the service

There are no hidden additional fees, all costs are determined at the stage of renting the warehouse and concluding the contract, we provide the total rental costs broken down by temperature. The rates vary depending on the type of warehouse – dry, cold, frost, the same applies to services – simple rules. In the case of renting offices, the rent includes all utilities.

Flexible terms of changing the leased space

We know that the situation on the market is changing dynamically and that functioning on the market depends on the ability to quickly adapt, with us you can count on the possibility of flexible adaptation of the lease space to current needs.

Constant temperature monitoring in warehouses

Taking care of the safety of your goods, we constantly monitor the temperatures of all warehouses that have specific temperature requirements.
Measurements are recorded electronically, temperature control is carried out on three levels, continuously / on an ongoing basis by the technical staff responsible for supervising the operation of cooling devices, historical measurements are verified on an ongoing basis by the manager of the maintenance department and in the form of weekly supervision by the department manager services.
It is possible to receive a report with the readout of the recorded temperatures in any period of several months back. In the case of other customer expectations reported at the stage of concluding the contract, it is possible to catalog temperature readings from any period.

A very large number of docks and loading ramps

Along the storage rooms, wide handling aisles and ramps with hydraulic loading docks for servicing the means of transport run along the entire length of the cold store buildings. Outside the cold store buildings there are additional roofed ramps equipped with lifts enabling quick service of the smallest food transport means available on the market.

High product safety thanks to high-quality devices and professional staff

The company’s philosophy is to maintain high standards in the areas of key importance for business continuity, which translates into the employment of professional personnel supervising the operation of refrigeration equipment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and maintaining the cooling installation in good condition using equipment from reputable companies only.
The infrastructure of key importance for maintaining temperatures is based only on the highest quality devices of American and French companies, serviced in accordance with the warranty terms.
The cooler never works under full load, it has large reserves of cooling power and reserve compressors. The power of the condensing station also has significant power reserves. All this ensures high security and minimizes the risk of business continuity.
Due to the high costs of servicing and maintaining refrigeration equipment, in the entire history of the company, there has not been a single case of failure that prevented the maintenance of the temperature of our customers’ goods. The company is under the constant supervision of the Office of Technical Inspection and specialized services for individual elements of the infrastructure.

HACCP, ISO, export rights to dozens of countries, constant supervision of sanitary inspection and veterinary inspection

Our warehouses are modern, functional, safe and well-equipped. The company meets all sanitary and veterinary requirements for the storage of food products, has EU licenses and export rights to dozens of other countries. The company operates the HACCP system and the ISO 9001: 2015 system.

The company Chłodnie Warszawskie Morspol S.A., as one of the few cold stores in the country, obtained the authorization to export goods to the EU market before Poland joined the European Union. Today, in addition to trade within the EU, we have extensive export rights to several dozen third countries. The company has a veterinary identification number 14651101, the company has a veterinary doctor appointed by the Poviat Veterinary Inspectorate authorized to issue export certificates.

The company’s premises are protected with the use of video monitoring and physical protection

The entire area of the company is under physical protection with permanent and patrol posts as well as extensive video monitoring with over 200 cameras.

Export Permissions

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